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"Beard Trim: A hair cut I understand. It's not something I can easily or confidently do myself so, like flying a plane and major reconstructive surgery, I leave that to the professionals. But trimming my beard? That, I thought, is surely something that I can do as well as anyone. 
Turns out no. In a little more than half an hour, Parsa clipped, trimmed, shaped and refined my facial hair in such a way that I left feeling that bit better put together. And the only person who noticed was my wife, which is as it should be (and she was very impressed).
We started with hot towels and clippers, which nibbled away at stray bristles, giving the hair on my throat a nice gradient toward my Adam’s apple. My beard is thicker around my mouth and chin, so again Parsa clipped and blended until I was far better groomed, but without – crucially – looking like I’d just been for a grooming session. Then various unguents were massaged into me – oil, balm and finally moisturiser. The experience was a pleasure and the results were impressive. I'll do it again."

Paul Tomlinson